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If you don't live in the greater Phoenix area, your potential college choices are somewhat limited. The majority of colleges in Arizona are either in Phoenix or within an hour's drive. If you aren't in this immediate area, you still have options. Click here to investigate some of these other school choices.

Becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a time-tested path to a decent career. While the accounting profession is often considered "dull" by some people, it really isn't any more routine than any other job, in fact, many CPAs do pretty exciting stuff.

In order to become a CPA, a person needs to meet some requirements which may vary from state to state. The main two requirements are education background and passing the CPA exam. Most states require that you either have your bachelor's degree or that you are within a set amount of days away from earning it before you are allowed to sit for the exam. Then you just have to pass the exam.

Colleges like to see their graduates achieve a high rate of success on the CPA exam, so they attempt to prepare their accounting students as well as they can. Click here to look at some of the popular accounting schools.
But you don't have to go to college in Arizona. You could head west and enroll at a cooking school in Los Angeles. Find out more about culinary arts schools in Southern California.

Or you could go west and then head up the coast all the way to Seattle. Seattle has a couple of great schools, including the University of Washington. It's a great town where the weather often helps you focus on your studies. Find out more about college offerings in the Seattle area.

Or you could just keep going north, cross the border and enroll at one of the universities in either Vancouver or Victoria, British Columbia. Going to college in Canada, especially British Columbia can be a great experience. See some options north of the border.

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